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WELCOME E & R Home Health Care Provider

E&RHHCP Homecare Services is a State Licensed and Medicaid Certified Home Health Agency. We provide and training in the privacy of the patient’s home. The vital objective is to restore the highest quality of life possible.

E&RHHCP Healthcare Services provides care that is personalized to fit the individual needs of our patients/clients, in harmonization with your physician. We are devoted to providing and meeting the special needs of each and every patients/clients in the comfort and security of their home environment. The central effort on this commitment is to strive to prove the highest quality of care and compassion to each and every individual we serve.

WHY CHOOSE E & R Home Health Care Provider

  • Have peace of mind that professionals are handling the management of your health at home.
  • Reduce the risk of re-hospitalization with regular home visits from a nurse or medical professional.
  • We add comfort to your life at home. We reduce your day to day stresses by helping you with housekeeping, daily living activities and health monitoring.


To enhance the overall quality of life of our clients who are homebound with illness or old age. We work together with clients and their families to achieve an active, healthy and meaningful life at home despite health challenges.

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  • Kazi T. Islam, MBA Administrator/ Owner703-992-5918
  • Md. S. Uddin, Owner571-243-2566
E & R Home Health Care Provider

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Main Office: 571-665-5644 Phone: 703-880-4802 Fax: 703-953-1227

Email: homecare@eandrhhcp.com Kazi Islam: K.Islam@eandrhhcp.com Md. S Uddin: S.Uddin@eandrhhcp.com

  • Kazi T. Islam, MBA Administrator/ Owner703-992-5918
  • Md. S. Uddin, Owner571-243-2566